Sunday, May 28th, 2023, 7:00am: No Woman No Cry - Estate Windsor Forest

General info for all hikes and walks: Hikes and walks are $5 for members, and $10 for non-members (become a member). Unless otherwise noted, the pace for hikes is moderate, lasting 3-5 hours, covering 3-5 miles, the terrain is hilly, footing is sometimes uneven, and we follow trails and possibly paved or dirt roads. Walks are easier and shorter than hikes, and usually follow paved or dirt roads, no trails. The guide may periodically stop and talk along the way. Bring sturdy, comfortable walking or hiking shoes, water, snack, bug spray, rain poncho, and camera. Shorts or long pants are OK. For day hikes, bring a hat and sun block. For night hikes, bring a small flashlight. There are usually about 20 people. We depart about 30 minutes after the posted start time. For some hikes, we will meet at the indicated location, then drive a short distance to the hike location.

Specific info for this hike: The meeting place is at Kingshill Post Office parking lot for 7:00am. It is a moderate-to-easy hike with benches & picnic tables along route through an upland, seasonal forest, to a floodplain at Estate Morningstar. The hike is about 3.5 miles one way. The natural, cultural, and agricultural history of the site will be discussed. Olasee Davis, ecologist, is the tour guide. For more information contact Cathy at 340-772-2073 or


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