Sun, Feb 11, 2018, 2:30 pm: Recovery Hill Hike

General info for all hikes and walks: Hikes and walks are $5 for members, and $10 for non-members (become a member). Unless otherwise noted, the pace for hikes is moderate, lasting 3-5 hours, covering 3-5 miles, the terrain is hilly, footing is sometimes uneven, and we follow trails and possibly paved or dirt roads . Walks are easier and shorter than hikes, and usually follow paved or dirt roads, no trails. The guide may periodically stop and talk along the way. Bring sturdy, comfortable walking or hiking shoes, water, snack, bug spray, rain poncho, and camera. Shorts or long pants are OK. For day hikes, bring a hat and sun block. For night hikes, bring a small flashlight. There are usually about 20 people. We depart about 30 minutes after the posted start time. For some hikes, we will meet at the indicated location, then drive a short distance to the hike location.

Specific info for this hike: Meet at 2:30pm at the large green water tank off of the Christiansted Bypass.

This is a two-mile long round trip hike to the ridge at Recovery Hill, which is over 800 feet in elevation. At the top, there are panoramic views of Christiansted Harbor to the north, the south shore, the east end, and west to mid-island. The terrain is moderate to steep. Short or long pants are OK. We will discuss the natural, historical, and cultural resources of the area. Short or long pants are OK. McLean is our guide.

See the meeting spot on Google Maps

Driving directions: From the traffic light in Gallows Bay (intersection of Route 75/Hospital St./East End Rd. and Route 66/Christiansted Bypass), turn south (the road going uphill) onto Route 66/Christiansted Bypass. Go 1/2 a mile to the first traffic light at King Cross St, turn left at the light, and park on the road going toward the green water tank.

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