The St. Croix Hiking Association sponsors monthly hikes and activities, and is open to all interested participants


Calendar of Events

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The St. Croix Hiking Association will be conducting events in 2022. All events listed are subject to change, information for each event will be posted on our website at least 7 days prior. Please check - http://www.stcroixhiking.org - for details. You can also call 340-772-2073.



January 16th (Sunday) - Windsor Farm (Salt River Spur trail)  Benito, Olasee   <INFO>


February 20th (Sunday) - Sandy Point - sunset Olasee  <INFO>


March 19th (Saturday) - Boetzburg (Tide Village)  Steve    <INFO>

            27th (Sunday)   - Salt River  Olasee     <INFO>


April 22nd (Friday) - Earth Day Windsor Forest Hike  Olasee     <INFO>


May 22nd (Sunday) - Blue Mountain night  Olasee     <INFO>


June  11th (Saturday) - Hard Labor  Mclean, Steve, Cathy   <INFO>

           26th (Sunday)   - Lighthouse to Maroon Ridge  Olasee     <INFO>


July 2nd/3rd (Saty to Sun) - Mt Victory Sleepover  (Canx'd)


August 14th (Sunday)  - Mount Eagle night  Olasee    <INFO>

              27th (Saturday) - Kayak trip  Cathy, Benito


September 4th (Sunday) - Goat hill night  Olasee    <INFO>


October 8th (Saturday) -  Top of the Beast to Bodkins Mill    Steve, Cathy     <INFO>


November 12th (Saturday) - Mount Eagle day  Mclean  <INFO>


December 17th (Saturday) -  Butler Bay waterfall  Mclean, Steve    <INFO>


Please Note: All Dates & Locations Subject to Change